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We offer various foresight packages with or without insurance.
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The presentation and/or embalming care provided by our specialists make it possible to restore the dignity of the deceased if the end of life has been significant. When it comes, it will bring you some inner peace and make it easier to say goodbye.
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Clothes for the dead

Adjustable biodegradable clothes specially designed to dress the deceased.
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Organization and assistance of all types of personalized funerals.
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Religious services

If you wish, you can say goodbye to your loved one by asking for a religious service, an absolution or a blessing, regardless of philosophical confession.
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Experienced transporters, respectful and attentive to families.
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Transport of accompanying persons

If necessary, we can manage the transport of your relatives and families by providing comfortable and discreet vehicles.
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Our florists provide fresh floral arrangements and compositions of high quality with great refinement.
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Our printers are specialized in providing high-quality layout and prints while taking the smallest details into account (announcement, memorial cards, close-up picture, thank you card, etc.).
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Music is the food of soul. It accompanies the tribute paid to your loved one. By choosing beautiful harmonies it will provide a significant moment without any doubt.
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Good coffee is always comforting. For your convenience, we offer assistance to help you find and book the most suitable establishment that suits your needs.
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We work with specialists in funerary monuments, offering a wide choice of stones or granites. They can give you a precise quote at any time.
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Our qualified and experienced staff is at your disposal to perform any intervention in order to move or group the remains in your family plot.
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International transfers

Through our expertise and partnerships with various funeral companies, we can transport your loved one to and from any part of the world.
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Arbors provided to protect you during outdoor ceremonies in case of bad weather.
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Exceptional services

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Personalized funeral songs in 10 minutes.
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Secure video streaming

You will soon have the possibility to commemorate your deceased remotely through streaming video available in our funeral homes.
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Immortalize the last tribute with a photo and / or video report.
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Tribute video of life

Send us 8 to 10 photos of your loved one and we will create a tribute video for you free of charge.
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Ash stick

A walking stick for the scattering of cremation ashes.
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Scattering ashes at sea

The last goodbye at sea in a dignified and serene atmosphere, with the family?
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Diamond transformation

Compress and heat the ashes into a real diamond, which can be turned later into juwelry.
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The metamorphosis in twelve months of the deceased body into a fertile humus. Coming soon...
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Assistance for children and adults in the confrontation with death.
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Our products

Traditional coffins made of noble, exotic and ecological wood,
contemporary, made of cardboard or natural fibre composites
as well as a wide choice of urns and reliquaries.