Funeral foresight

Most funeral companies offer funeral contracts that consist of identifying the precise terms of the funeral desired by the client and determining the cost in advance.

At the time of death, the funeral will be held according to the wishes of the deceased. It is important to highlight that there is no clear legislation regulating the particular case of funeral contracts, and that this package implies an obvious trust of the client towards his funeral home.

Each company is indeed free to manage the situation as it sees fit and most of them take responsability and act with due care. However, there is nothing that could prevent the client from a possible bankruptcy of the funeral home. It is therefore appropriate to read the exact terms and conditions of the proposed contract carefully.

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If you wish, you can pay in advance the total amount of the estimate you have received. There will be a contract between us. Our prices for supplies and services will be guaranteed: they will not change until death. We will organize your funeral according to your wishes. Only unforeseen circumstances and the amounts of the sums advanced will be adapted (i.e. municipal taxes, morgue, etc.) These minor differences will be settled by your beneficiaries or through your notary.

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After evaluating the amount of money required to organize your last tribute, it is possible for you to block the amount needed at your bank while naming the funeral home as a beneficiary.

This option ensures the proper organization of the funeral according to your wishes without anyone being able to question your choices.

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Life insurance is a solution provided by an insurance company, and is subject to the legislation in effect, under the supervision of the FSMA (formerly CBFA).

In most cases, the insured person defines a fixed amount that he/she wishes to obtain on the day of his/her death for the payment of his/her funeral. In return, the insured pays a premium (single or periodic) for a fixed period of time.

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When analysing the various products available on the market, it is important to pay close attention to all the details of the contract, because while the amount of the premium is for the majority an essential element, price variations can be due to significant differences in the insured coverage.

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Principle: removal authorisation

When someone passes away, the organs can be removed provided that:
- The deceased has been registered in the population or foreign registry for at least 6 months,
- The deceased nor its heirs did clearly object.
- If nothing has been said prior, the family will have to give her consent.
Malking a decision in such tough time is often particularly difficult. Therefore it is highly recommended, in the interests of all and for all transparency, to fill in a form in which you clearly express your will. 

How to object?

You may object to organ procurement by means of :
- An official statement made at the municipality of your current residence. Each municipality has special registers that may be consulted by doctors and hospitals in due time,
- A notary statement,
- Any opinion shared with a doctor either by yourself, by your partner or by a direct heir.

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Donating your body to science is the ultimate altruistic move you can make. This donation will not only enable research to make progress but will also contribute to helping future doctors to study and to further understand the human body.

In order to donate your body you must express your will clearly and in an unambigious way in a handwritten, dated and signed document. This document will be drawn up twice. You will keep one to yourself and send the second one to a university of your choice (ULBUCLUlgUMH UNamur).

Please download the file.
Body donation is a free and unremunerated act. Only costs with respect to the funeral home are at the expense of the family. Death insurance will cover those costs as it is done for a regular funeral.
Body donation can be refused in case of :
- Death abroad
- The deceased was carrying a transmittable infection (AIDS, hepatitis, ...)
- Body autopsy or body requesitioned by Public Prosecutor's department
- Saturation of laboratory facilities
- Time limit exceeded after death (48 to 72 hrs) making the body embalming impossible.
  Organ and body donation are both compatible.

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