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This is the A&G Funeral Group S.P.R.L. Website, company ruled by Belgian law ( company number: 0457.948.678).
The responsible is SPRL A&G Funeral Group

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Data stored on this webside is exclusively meant to honor dead people's memory. Some parts of the webside are devoted to specific groups such as undertakers. By accessing and consulting this webside, you definitely accept each of the following conditions:

Public part of the webside general conditions of use

Usage and access to this webside are submitted to conditions listed below and to regulations in force.

1. Access to the website:
A&G Funeral Group seeks to keep its webside accessible 24/7.
Nevertheless access can be denied for maintenance, updating or improvement reasons or even technical ones or in case of major force or abuse without notifying customers.
A&G Funeral Group may also may refuse access to any customer without notification if the conditions of use were violated. By the same token each user is invinted to report any unapropriate content by using the contact details mentioned above.
This way A&G Funeral Group is able to take the necessary steps to remove the information from the website.
In case of problem regarding the website any user may either dial 02.792.08.00 or mail to

2. Responsability limitation :
A&G Funeral Group is on no account responsible for interruptions mentioned above and their consequences with respect to the internet user or other people. A&G Funeral Group does not gurantee anything in terms of accuracy of information update. A&G Funeral Group is not responsible for any damage or temporary or permanent incident caused to data or the Internet user's computer hardware when connected to the website and consulting pages or generally when files and computer programs from the website are transmitted to the user's computer. A&G Funeral Group neither responsible for any transmission of computer virus by means of its website nor for any damage caused by an intrusion into the user's computer systems.
A&G Funeral Group is not responsible for any fraudulent use of its website. The company rejects any responsability in case of plundering of data due to an intrusion into its computer systems. However, steps are taken to prevent fraudulent intrusions.
The Internet user is responsible for the efficiency of their computer hardware, modem, phone line and Internet access.
Regarding services offered by A&G Funeral Group website on registration ( which means creating an account with password). The user is personnality responsible for the confidentiality or their account and password. In case of loss or fraudulent use of those data, the user is asked to immediately warn the company by dialing 02.792.08.00 and ask to block access to its service. This must to followed by a registered post to A&G Funeral Group's headquarters.
A&G Funeral Group has no control on the accuracy and legality of information communicated in order to publish announcements and cannot be hold for responsible.
The website manager is responsible for the contant of announcements and commits himself not to publish any contant violating either someone's rights or any legal requirement. He commits himself to indemnify and protect A&G Funeral Group against any damage appeal for responsiblity in violation of someone's right or legal requirements.

3. Intellectual property :
Structure , shaping and all data on the website are protected namely by copyrights laws and similar ones, protection of computer programs and data base in favour of the website's owner or potential partners. The user commits not to violate the owner's and potential partners'rights.
Other products names can bear witness of their respective owners. The user is not allowed to modify, copy, circulate, transmit, broadcast, reprensent, reproduce, publish, grant licence, transfer or sell any information, software, product or favor obtained by means of the website, or to make any derived product from any items listed above without written consent from the owner.

4. Confidentiality and Privacy- related data processing :
A&G Funeral Group respects legal and rugulatory privacy-related requirements regarding personal data processing. The Internet user commits to respect the personal data protection code.

5. Link to other websites :
Web spaces out of this website, to which the internet user might be directed by means of hyperlinks being on the website, are under their owners'control.
A&G Funeral Group has no parmanent control on those websites and cannot be hold for responsible for their content. The insertion of those hyperlinks does not mean that A&G Funeral Group approves of their content.
Therefore the company rejects any responsability for hardware, any data contained or broadcast on those reference webspaces and for potential personal data processing.

Rights preservation and competent jurisdictions

A&G Funeral Group reserves the right to sue in case of violation of the listed conditions with an eye to being indemnified.
Subject to imperative international public and private law rules to which internet user is submitted. Belgian law is applied and only Brussels court is competent.
A&G Funeral Group also reserves the right to refuse total or partial access to the website, unilaterally and without notification, in case of violation of the personal data protection code.


If any of the stipulations contained in those letters is declared non valid or unenforceable regarding rules in force, this non valid or unenforceable stipulation will be esteemed to be replaced by a valid and enforceable one. Its content will have to be as similar as possible to the content of the previous stipulation. Other stipulation will remain in force.
These requirements reflect the totality of agreements between the internet user and the website's owner. They also cancel and replace any previous or current written or oral communication and proposal made about this website.
A printed version of those requirements and any warning notification issued electronically is accepted in case of legal or administrative proceedings in connection with this agreement. Any other documents and commercial records created and printed are equally accepted.
The website owner reserves the right to modify terms, conditions and warning notifications in virtue of which this website is designed.